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Your Clover POS comes with the basics built in so you can set up your business right away. Clover also syncs with the cloud so you can access your sales, refunds, deposits, and reports, wherever you are or need to be. Then, that's where the fun begins! The world's top developers build on Clover's platform allowing you to utilize just about any popular business apps on the market.

Ramp up your Clover system with best-in-class POS apps, such as Yelp, Time Clock, or Payroll. Sync with top-notch services like Quickbooks, Woo, and Shopify. It’s never been easier to set up your Clover system with the right mix of devices and apps. Add more devices and apps at any time or speak with Clover support about your ideal device and plan options.

A system that grows with you!

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Clover Station Merchant Reviews

Clover Station Merchant Reviews
Clover Station Merchant Reviews

Clover Station Merchant Reviews

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Clover Station Review - Pizzeria

Clover Station Review - Pizzeria

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Clover Station Review -  Salon

Clover Station Review - Salon

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Power Your Business With Our App Market!

Review Management

Hear directly from fans with Feedback

Inventory Management

Manage inventory and stock with

SimpleOrder and Stockit

Customer Management

Manage your contact list with


Restaurant Management

Make life easier with Clover Dining,

 Menufy, and Phone Orders

Appointment Setting

Schedule and manage your clients with Appointments Pro and Salon Scheduler

Employee Management

Run a tight ship with Gusto,

Timeclock, and Tip Pooling

Up and running in minutes!