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About Us

Value Trade Network is a business development network dedicated to the growth of independent businesses all across the country. As a developer in the nation's largest private discount network, we provide cutting edge solutions that help merchants reach new buyers, drive foot traffic, and increase average spending in virtually every market they serve.

Our development partners have been establishing exclusive relationships with businesses all across the country since 1984, growing our invite-only network to the largest private discount network in America. Our platform hosts over 350,000 participating merchants and supports over 10 million consumers serving virtually 100% of all U.S. metropolitan and micropolitan markets.


In today’s society, consumer trends are constantly being driven towards perks and instant gratification. The visionaries of today who understand the future of commerce are positioning their companies to offer additional incentives as a reward for continued loyalty and service.


From national retail and restaurant chains to smaller local businesses and entrepreneurs, merchants everywhere are looking for creative ways to earn their customer's loyalty. No doubt this is becoming more challenging for some businesses, and consumer expectations are on the rise! 


Those of us paying attention understand that the “customer’s experience” means more now than it ever has. With the need of rewards programs and perks on the rise, we seek to be a dominant supply source of remarkably high-value, high-impact rewards programs available to both businesses and consumers. 


Our discount reward programs not only save our members a lot of money, but they also help improve new customer acquisition, the retention of your current customers, as well as the morale, loyalty, and performance of your staff. By offering your staff one of our high-value benefit programs, you can drastically increase staff morale, as well as the environment of your workplace. Simultaneously creating a better shopping experience for your customers.


Everywhere from retail to Wall-Street, our staff members and coordinators have been serving merchants in fields such Loyalty Rewards, Payment Processing, Point-of-Sale Technology, Employee Benefits, Commercial Lending, Business Credit, and much more.

It pays to work with professionals! As a merchant member of our network, we not only have exclusive savings to decrease your costs, we also have an experienced team to help you coordinate your advertising offers, maximize your technology solutions, and drastically impact your bottom line.

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