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Time to request some vacation days!

Contest Runs All Year Long!
Contest begins January 1st, 2019 and continues through December 31st, 2019.
EVERY participant will receive a complimentary vacation stay at a luxurious resort with up to 4 guests!
(Choose your destination below.)
As a developer in the nation's largest private discount network, we have a few friends in the travel business. 
So, not only will you receive a free stay at a luxurious resort, you'll also receive an all-inclusive upgrade option when you book your trip. Reservations are booked courtesy of our partners at:   
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Contest Rules Are Simple:
 1. Use the discounts on our network.
(Tip: The more the better.)
2. Record a video and tell us about your experience shopping on our network.
    (Tip: Include how much you saved.)
3. Email your video to the address below with the subject line titled: "Video Testimonial."
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Choose your destination

When you email us your video, simply let us know which resort destination you'd like to visit, and we will email you a complimentary vacation voucher. 


Participants can plan their trip for anytime within the next 18 months, however, the free vacation voucher sent to your email will expire if your trip is not booked within 7 days.


If your voucher expires, simply email us and we will email you back with another voucher.   


*Some Resort Restrictions Apply* 

(See below for details)

U.S. destinations include 4 days & 3 nights!

(More destinations coming soon such as Bali, Thailand, Spain, & Mexico)

Las Vegas, NV

(Up to 4 Occupants)

Orlando, FL

(Up to 4 Occupants)

Williamsburg, VA

(Up to 4 Occupants)

Gatlinburg, TN

(Up to 4 Occupants)

Bahama House Daytona Beach 1.jpg

Daytona Beach, FL

(Up to 4 Occupants)

Westgate Myrtle Beach 1.jpg

Myrtle Beach, SC

(Up to 4 Occupants)

Video Tips:


Hotel Bookings (BIG Savings Story)

One of the best ways to save a lot of money and record a great testimonial video is by booking a hotel stay on our travel site. For added bonus, compare your booking experience to other travel sites like Expedia, or Travelocity. You can get more ideas by watching our "Hotel Booking" video on our "Video Tour" page. (Example:) "Just booked our annual Thanksgiving trip to see grandma in Idaho and saved over $400 compared to Expedia. Thanks Value Trade Network and keep those deals coming!. (Example:) "Just booked our vacation to ( Popular travel destination, amusement park, resort, etc..) and saved over $300 compared to Travelocity when we booked our hotel, and, we redeemd 2 free passes to ( Your favortie amuzement park.) Thanks Value Trade Network! We can't wait to plan our next trip!. Book your stay and save BIG!

Dining Discounts (Hot Deals Story)

Don't feel like cooking? Dine at many popular destinations in your area with exclusive discounts on our network. Our average discount offer in our dining category is up to 44% off! So, try a few restaurants, fast food joints, pizzeria's, you name it! A helpful tip would be to include your reason for dining out such as, (Example:) "Grabbing lunch with a co-worker and found a free entree with the purchase of another so I treated my co-worker to lunch, for free! " Thanks Value Trade Network! Keep those dining deals coming! (Example:) "I was so exhausted after work and then picking the kids up from baseball practice that there was just no way I was going to cook dinner. So, I got on my discount app and decided free pizza sounded amazing!" Thanks Value Trade Network! Keep those good deals loaded!

Savings Tracker

You can accumulate a ton of savings when shopping on our network. The best way to keep track of them and record your testimonial video is by visiting the "Savings" category on your mobile app. See images below:

What should I say?

In case you're having a hard time figuring our what to say, below are some examples to help get you going. (Example 1) Introduction: "Hello everyone, this is ( Your First Name), I just signed up to be an Insider a few days ago and I am truly amazed at how many discounts there are in my area! Story: ( Now, tell us a short story about how you've used the discounts on our network. Check out our savings stories for more help.) Ending: "So thanks Value Trade Network and keep those discounts coming! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Example 2) Introduction: "Hi there this is ( Your First Name), I just wanted to say thank you to you guys at Value Trade Network! We really enjoy saving money on all of our everyday purchases! Story: ( Now, tell us a short story about how you've used the discounts on our network. Check out our savings stories for more help.) Ending: "If you haven't joined yet you're really are missing out! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Car Rentals (BIG Savings story)

Whether you're car is in the shop, you're traveling, or, you just feel like renting a car for the weekend, there are amazing discounts on car rentals near you. Check out the "Car Rentals" category for rental locations near you, or, visit the "Travel Site" and find car rental locations near any airport you may be traveling to. You'll find discounts like 25% off daily rates, free upgrades, free rental days and more! (Example:) "We decided to go to the concert in style and rented a ( Type of Vehicle) for the weekend. Not only did we get 25% off but we also got a weekend day for free! Thanks Value Trade Network! Keep those deals coming! (Example:) "We had to take our car in for a major repair and found a great deal that took 25% off the bill. Plus we needed to rent a car during the repair saved $12 a day on a 5 day rental, AND, got a free upgrade! Thanks Value Trade Network!

Shopping (Hot Deals Story)

Whether you're back-to-school shopping, shopping for gifts, or just having a "treat-yourself" day, there are a ton of great deals where you can quickly save a lot of money. (Example:) "Our 10 year anniversary is coming up and I wanted to get something really special for my ( Significant Other), so, I got on the discount site and found a great deal at my local jeweler where I saved over $100 on a gorgeous necklace." Thanks Value Trade Network! It definitely scored me some brownie points. (Example:) "With three kids, back-to-school shopping always takes a toll on our bank account, but not this year! We saved over $200 on school clothes and supplies." Thanks Value Trade Network! Keep those good deals coming!

Combination Video (BIG Discount Story)

Wanna go for the gusto? Try combining different types of discounts all in one event. Book a hotel, go to an amusment park, enjoy some fine dining, then, tell us all about your trip and how much you saved! There are a ton of ways to use your discounts and save on all of your everyday shopping and travel purchases. Take a look at some of the other video tips and go have a night on the town!

Entertainment & Recreation (Hot Deals Story)

Amusement parks, movies, museums, martial arts, concerts, sporting events, you name it! There's a ton of fun things to do with exclusive discounts just for you! Have dinner and a movie. Take the kids to the zoo. Go skydiving, or, maybe your prefer deep water diving? Doesn't matter, go have some fun and tell us all about it! (Example:) "It's a day of firsts for me! I just saved $6 bucks on my first Uber ride that I took to my first martial arts class where I saved $30 on my first 3 lessons. I love this network! (Example:) "I took a date to the Field Museum where we got in for free, then, we went to dinner where we got a free entree. It went well, so we went to a movie afterwards and got half off our tickets. Dating just got way more fun!